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  • Smoke Detectors Professionally Installed In Your Home (... See Below
  • Switch Board Upgrades (... See Below)
  • Re-Wires (... See Below)
  • Safety Switches (... See Below)

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Smoke Detectors - In your home 
We can install a comprehensive smoke detection system in your home.  
To ensure you have the best chance of being alerted to a fire, all smoke detectors are situated in accordance with the Building Code of Australia and Australian Standards. 
In addition we can interlink the detectors, which means any single interlinked detector that detects smoke will sound all detectors, ensuring all the occupants are alerted and sounders will be easily heard in every bedroom in case a fire starts while you or anyone in your home is sleeping.

Switchboard Upgrades
If your property has an old re-wire porcelain fuse board, it is wise to consider upgrading it to a new circuit breaker module board fitted with individual safety switches to each general lighting and general power circuit.
This will help to reduce possible fire safety issues such as earth leakage and loose switchboard wiring causing Hot Joints and Insulation Breakdown.

You will enjoy the convenience and ease of just flicking a switch instead of having to use a screw driver and find the correct fuse wire size to re-wire an over loaded and blown fuse cartridge.

These and many other fire safety issues can be prevented when a modern circuit breaker board is installed.

If your property is over 40 years old, you should consider having your wiring inspected.

Both cloth-sheathed cables in split steel conduit and rubber-insulated cables are now very old and well past their normal life expectancy and pose a serious fire risk if not replaced.



All work Guaranteed.....